Our Churches will be reopening for Private Prayer only from Thursday 18 June.
Please use hand sanitiser, observe the arrows for entry and departure, and social distance.
All Saints’ will be open from Thursday 18 June – Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10am-4pm
St Mary’s will be open from Monday 22 June – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10.30am-3.30pm


Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic all services and meetings have been cancelled at this time. If you need help or know someone in the village in need, do please get in touch with Gillian by phone  644739 or email:

8:00am – Holy Communion Book of Common Prayer (alternating with All Saints’)

10:00am Morning Service/Holy CommunionSONY DSC

Family Service (4th Sunday)

Specials – open air services for special occasions, such as the Everton Festival Songs of Praise or Carols at the Post Office.


Flower Guild – Come and be creative for the Creator.
Holy Dusters – our team keep St Mary’s Church clean and gleaming. Please contact Joyce 01590644467

Parish VisitorsA dedicated team who visit those in need. If you need help or know someone who does, please contact Gillian Peard 01590644739

SEE the weekly Notice Sheet for further details