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We have a variety of Sermons, Talks & Bible study materials in audio (MP3) and text (PDF) format to help you in your Christian journey.
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Taize – talk by Phil McNinch
Science & Faith – Friends or Foes? – talk by Professor Meric Srokosz
Jesus – Who is He?

Faith Topics
Christmas 2017 – The Wrong Manger    Audio     Notes
Christmas – 5 part series
Evidence for the Resurrection
Friendship with God
Marriage – A Christian View
Pentecost – Series on the Holy Spirit (8 parts)
Life in the Spirit (booklet to accompany sermons May 2016)
Prayer & Local Houses of Prayer
Science & Faith

Bible Studies
Caleb     Audio
Elijah (3 studies)
Mark’s Gospel (9 parts)
Revelation     (14 part study Audio & Notes)

Historical Studies
Messiah – The Servant of the Lord
Study 1     Audio     Notes
Isaiah Text
Study 2     Audio     Notes

Palestine & The Temple