Resources for Families

We hope you find this page, with its links to resources to support you and your family, helpful.

The Greatest Story Ever is a family devotional course (suggested age 6+), developed by Andrew Ollerton, the author of The Bible Course, and his family during the Coronavirus lockdown. The course mixes online content (videos, readings, discussion) and printed cards to form a colourful learning experience in your own home. Each 15 minute session explores famous characters and events that form The Greatest Story Ever and shows how we can be part of it today. Find it here.

Together @ Home is a website providing resources for families to use to explore the Bible and learn about God together, whilst at home. The resources follow the pattern of church readings in our online service each week and hopefully provide a helpful way of exploring those Bible passages together as a family. Each week the pack includes family activities, Bible study, prayer and printable puzzle sheets. Additional resources supporting faith development in the home can also be found on the Together @ Home website.

For Younger Children (toddler -7 years)

This youtube playlist of upbeat children’s worship songs includes actions that the family can learn to keep active.

There are some really fun Bible stories which the whole family will have fun watching in this playlist.

Scripture Union Make and Pray. It is Very good for younger children and could work for older ones too. Check out their Facebook page here.

For Older Children (7-11 years)

Seeds Family Worship is great for all under 11s. They provide fun music which teaches Bible verses and the meanings behind them. What’s more they are holding 30 minute livestream services for children every Sunday. These are at 10pm in the UK but the livestreams are kept on the youtube channel with four having happened already. You can view them here.

Prayer magnets can be a great way for the family to pray together or for a child to express their feelings as a prayer. Your teens may not admit it but they’d use them too. Probably the best seen so far is this set.

Baker Ross is a great craft site I use often and it is still delivering. They have lots of sales and fun resources including some leftover Easter crafts and more educational crafts. To visit their site click here.

Can Minecraft be educational? The creators certainly think so and now if you go to the Minecraft marketplace and filter the content so you see free maps, you’ll find a host of educational maps you can download for your children to play.

If you’re up for exploring Bible stories Guardians of Ancora offers a great resource. It’s actually an app which allows your children to immerse themselves in a virtual world where the Bible comes to life.

We have prayers for children of any age to do at home from Prayer Spaces in School. It works with any age but from experience this age range respond most strongly. Covid-19 Prayers

This Pinterest search gives you access to a range of fun crafts and can help you look for ones that may be specific to your child’s/teen’s age.


Momentum is charity which provides dance classes. Due to Covid-19 they have moved their classes online and made them free. Academies is for ages 11-16. Check them out for yourself here.

The Mix is a fantastic site offering mental health support for under 25s. It is designed to be a safe and supportive space. Find out more before recommending to your child here.

Headstrong could be a brilliant tool for your teens whether they’re struggling or coping well with lockdown. It’s full of fun, creative ideas and inspirational quotes and prayers to help youth engage in their emotional health. Find it here

Winchester Diocese has these suggestions which the whole family could play together here.

Having seen the success of Prayer Spaces in School over the past two terms I have to highly recommend it. It is great with children but the ones for teenagers which deal with issues such as anxiety, stress, and anger seem very appropriate at this time. It’s free to use but does require you to set up an account.

Youthscape has two fantastic books for sale by two highly rated youth workers. Rachel Gardner was the President of the Girls Brigade a couple of years ago and has written ‘The Girl De-construction Project’ for teenage girls. To find out more click here. Likewise Martin Saunders has been a constant leading voice in youth work and has written ‘The Man You’re Made To Be’ for teenage boys. To find out more click this link.

Support for Parents

If you’ve ever wished you could develop a daily Christian practice of prayer/Bible reading/meditation the following could help.

Inner Room is a new favourite of our Youth Minister. You can pick different things you want to pray about (you start with three) and add them to your prayer board. You can either set reminders to pray or open it, choose a topic and pray for three minutes. The app is private with the option to lock it so even if someone else goes on your phone they can’t see what you’re pray boards. Search it by name on your phone’s app store.

Lectio 365 gives you a daily devotional to read through with two or three moments to pause and pray based on the passage and reflection you’ve just read. You can do it at your own pace or, there is an audio option which has relaxing music and is only ten minutes long.

Soultime is a Christian meditation app. It does cost after a free trial. Find out more here.

Youversion is the biggest Bible reading app out there. Choose your preferred translation (I would recommend NIV or NLT) and either set a reminder to read each day or pick a daily reading series. These series can focus around mental health, work-life balance, or simply getting to know God. It’s all free. Click here.

If you are struggling mentally in this time these three websites offer professional help to varying degrees and can help you:

Italk is a free NHS website where you can talk to professionals for free with dedicated sessions or in support groups by self-referring. Click here.

MIND provides some resources and can talk to you if you need urgent support here.

The Mental Health Foundation provides podcasts, videos, articles and more to help you. Click this link.

Baker Ross the craft website has now got crafts and activities for parents to enjoy. This can be a great way to destress or just carve out some you time. Click here

BBC Bitesize is a great resource which provides school teaching for ages 3-18! What’s more, since the lockdown came into effect David Attenborough and many others have leant their voices to courses. Even Danny Dyer has got involved in the history lessons! Find it here.

Youtube has a great range of education playlists for every age and many key subjects to help your children learn at home here

Youtube Spotlight has some great playlists for cooking and working out here. If you plan to do them as a family, check their content rating as I haven’t viewed every single video and playlists can be updated.

The Church of England has updated their mental health resources which you can view here. Alongside that you may find the suggestion card here useful too.

Christ Church Winchester is offering this course to help you as a parent in raising your teenagers. It is operating using zoom so you can also use this to get a feel for the program we would like to use to run our weekly digital youth group.

On the front page of Premier Youth and Children’s Work are free articles to help support you and your family – whatever their age.