Our Vision Statement

Our vision statement below is a vision statement because it’s what those of us who run it and our Christian youth strive for and check ourselves by. It also in many ways is a statement of faith. It tells us what we believe about God, The family of God, and our calling to the world. My hope is that is would help you know the authenticity of our faith and our hearts for this parish.

Love God: Matthew 22:37-38 We love God because He loved us first and because it’s the most important command He ever gave us. To love Him completely. That’s not without merit either, Jesus died on a cross for our sin and then rose from the dead, securing eternal life for us. God is always there so we can pray to Him, trust Him to guide us in hard times and the good. He is our King, our friend, and He will never leave us. It’s top on our vision statement, not just because it’s the most important, but to help us not to take Him for granted.

Love Each Other: Galatians 6:10 says that we should use every opportunity to do good for others – especially for those who are part of God’s family. The church family. We love each other by celebrating together, supporting each other in hard times through actions and prayer, and worshipping God together. We look at ways to be a part of the church family that is our parish, whether it’s planning and running a service, or sitting in Bible study encouraging and challenging each other. We also do this because it is our witness John 13:34-35. We are called to help others find the Kingdom of God and that isn’t possible if we don’t love each other first.

Love People: Colossians 4:5-6 is a great verse. It tells us to be kind and respectful to anyone who doesn’t follow Jesus.  All of us started off by needing Jesus and John 3:16-17 tells of how God sent His Son to save us. Our groups are open to anyone and everyone but it’s more than that. We genuinely want you to come. Our youth are always inviting friends who aren’t Christian and although we don’t have a specific teaching time at all our groups, we often find discussions about religion or life come up and we relate those to the Bible and Jesus. We will celebrate with you, provide a listening ear in hard times and offer prayer. We won’t pressure you to follow Jesus, but we will invite you to help out at fundraisers and quiz nights and of course, church.