All Saintly Weekly Groups

We currently run four free groups in term time (we’re hoping to add a new music group at the start of next term and an older Bible study group) the all important details are below:

Every Thursday (term time) from 5-7pm we run The Den (for Y7-9). It’s our games/hangout group in Milford on Sea. We meet in The Den at the rear of All Saints’ Hall and use the time, to play strange cards games or run around games, and to relax and chat about life. All of this is done while drinking hot chocolate and eating doughnuts or cookies. It’s an absolutely great group where youth actively seek to talk about life, seeking and sharing advice. They also seem to have an urge to bake




On Friday’s (term time) from 6-7:15pm, our longest running group meets at our daughter church St Mary’s in Everton. Ready|4|the|WKND (for Y7-13) is like The Den but with a little more structure. Due to youth request we run a cheap tuck shop. Three weeks of the month we have table tennis, pool, card games, Wii, and music. On the fourth week we put all the games away and have sports weeks. For the summer term we go to Everton Rec to play football, frisbee and hang out. One of the great characteristics of this group is how inclusive the youth are with the older youth actively encouraging and looking out for younger youth.


Breakfast Club (Y7-13) is 9:15-10am on Sunday’s in The Den at All Saints’ Hall. This runs alongside tea and toast, and allows the youth to catch up on their weekends, input on the worship playlist, and even suggest a topic or Bible passage we discuss during the teaching time in the service. At 10am we join the service, going to the bell tower part way through to discuss a topic, or Bible teaching. This is for Y7-13 and is flexible as on the first Sunday we take an active role in A-Live and on the 4th Sunday stay in for Family Communion.



All Saintly Youth (Y7-9) is our weekly Bible study and it meets in The Den from 5-6:30pm on Sunday’s. This is where we get deep into the Bible looking at what it means to us. We focus learning as a group through discussion and an activity or two. We focus on God’s Word via a Bible book or theme seeking to know what it says and how it applies to us and our lives. Youth pray for each other sharing a prayer request (or two) so we can pray for each other through the week to come. Because the youth get to learn for themselves they get to request what they do each term and this term have asked to do the 10 Commandments which is ridiculously exciting!