All Saintly Weekly Groups

We currently run three free groups in term time:

Every Thursday (term time) from 5-7pm we run The Den (for Y7-9). It’s our games/hangout group in Milford on Sea. We meet in The Den at the rear of All Saints’ Hall and use the time, to play strange cards games or run around games, and to relax and chat about life. We also do crafts some weeks such as slime making, or Easter egg making. It’s a great group and is free with drinks and toast provided as a free snack.




On Friday’s (term time) from 6-7:15pm, our longest running group meets at our daughter church St Mary’s in Everton. Ready|4|the|WKND (for Y7-13) is like The Den but with a little more structure. Y7-9 meet from 5:30-6:30 and Y10-13 6:30-7:30pm. Due to youth request we run a cheap tuck shop. Three weeks of the month we have table tennis, pool, card games, Xbox360, and music. On the fourth week we put all the games away and have sports weeks. One of the great characteristics of this group is how inclusive the youth are. If you’re new to Everton we guarantee you’ll make new friends.




Bacon & The Bible is our brand new Bible study for Y7-13. Though in the same room we split into an older and younger group to facilitate good discussion. We meet 10-11:30am on a Sunday in The Den at All Saints’ Hall. We serve (lots of) bacon butties and then jump into a topic that was chosen by the youth. After an introduction with a Bible passage and short spoken piece we begin to debate and discuss what it means and why/if it matters. We tackle any issue and the rule is respect even if you disagree. We welcome Christians or those interested to come and share their opinions. It’s a great way to get to know God better and/or to figure out what exactly you believe personally.