All Saintly Weekly Groups

We have four weekly groups during term time which are all free the flyers give the basic details with a little more description on the side:

The Den is named after our fantastic youth room at the rear of All Saints’ Hall. It run as two groups:

Y7-9 meet on a Thursday in The Den and we’re very encouraged that two of our Y10s help out at this group which is great for the younger ones and ensures that ALL feel welcome and never left out. We also provide reflective crafts such a prayer slime, or animal mobile making.

Y10-13 meets on a Wednesday and although games and so on are on offer we find they often wish to play pool and chat or just sit and chat, often about life and the world. We find faith conversations naturally arise as the youth seek to understand the world and so have introduced reflective prayer activities which have proved very popular.

Ready|4|the|WKND is our longest running group at almost four years old. Despite growing numbers and the wide age range the youth have requested to not be split into two groups and we find that they are a close community who look out for each other and welcome ALL who are new to the group. Due to the hall size we normally have lots of activities such as pool, table tennis etc and then once a month we have a ‘sporty’ week where it’s run around games all evening. Faith here is shared as and when youth enquire which is occurring more and more often.

Bacon & the Bible is our flagship group. It is church for the youth on Sunday mornings in The Den. We catch up on our weeks, share and allow the youth to raise topics and issues to discuss. We are all about enabling youth to explore and own a relationship with Jesus The leaders often go to the Bible for verses as well as sharing experiences and asking youth whether Christian or exploring to share their thoughts and respect each others opinions. We always have something prepared in case nothing comes up, but often find we can plan around a theme that the youth come back to for a time. One key is that we find youth prefer to pray through and activity or quiet and so we have prayer activities and Bibles out for around 20 minutes of prayer with reflective worship in the background.