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Why Pray?

If you wish to read the passage click Luke 11:1-13

If you could invite anyone to your house who would make the list? Maybe a famous footballer,  popstar, comedian? I thought about this a lot and I would pick Stuart Hogg who is one of Scotland’s best rugby players. It would be awesome to have them over but then would come the inevitable issue. What on earth do you say to someone so famous? Or, will you be too nervous to speak at all? I should also point out that some celebrities may feel they are better than us and not want to talk to us!

Yet this past week as we’ve looked at prayer and why we need it we haven’t really noted is that there is no one, more powerful, bigger, or famous than Jesus. In many ways we should be more impressed that we get to talk to him than we are. Yet he wants to talk to us. Whenever we talk to him, he listens to every single word, answers every single prayer. Even though by comparison we are so small, he is close to us and we are his priority. His treasure. Jesus himself while on earth, needed to pray to God. Despite being the Son of God he needed prayer too. 

When someone asks me ‘Why Pray?’ my answer is simply, ‘Because Jesus did.’


Look up the song ‘I Can Only Imagine’ by MercyMe. Think on those words and respond to God.