Hello All Saintly Children and your parents! Welcome to the home of Sunday Seekers. Every Friday the session is posted with resources, games and more along with the video which goes live on Sunday morning and stays up until the following Thursday.


Information for parents before the video

Meeting Aim: To explore the challenge and excitement of going on God adventures.


To play sneak one person is the captain shouting out orders while the crew hurry to do them. The first crew member to come first five times becomes the captain and the game starts again. You can do this indoors or outdoors depending on space.

The orders are: Bow: Run to the front (where the captain is) of the space Stern: Run to the back Port: Run to the left side Starboard: Run to the right side Get in the boats: Sit on the ground and start rowing Captain’s coming: Stand to attention and salute Climb the rigging: mime climbing a ladder Jumping Jack Sparrow: do five jumping jacks

Creative Time

For the creative time you need pens and paper for writing a checklist.

You’ll be working together to write a list of things you think you’d need for a big adventure of faith or ‘God adventure’ A useful question to ask your children would be what would you want to have to remind you of God.

Prayer Time

For the prayer time you need coloured paper, pens and instructions (attached below) for making origami boats. You will also need the music video below to play the song “How far I’ll go” from Moana.

The Bible passage is Acts 27

Questions: How does Paul show his faith in this story? What do you think gave him that faith?  What was Paul’s mission on the journey?  Why was the journey worth the risk to Paul?  Where can you see God at work in the story?  What would it look like if we had Paul’s courage today? What are the risks that God might ask us to take?