Youth Ministry

2015-07-08 17.36.37All Saintly Youth is our youth ministry at All Saint’s and St Mary’s, serving 11-18 years olds. It is run by Craig McNinch, our Youth Minister and a team of volunteers and there are lots of regular activities at events each week and month.

We take our name from our main parish church All Saint’s and Romans 1:7 where those who are loved by God and follow him are called saints. To be a saint means to be ‘set apart’ for God and so our youth, as followers of Christ are all saintly youths.

If you want to know more about what we do, or how youth can connect to us online, select the relevant page from the drop down list next to ‘Youth’ at the top of the page.

Our tagline or vision statement as you’ll see in our banner is:

‘Love God – Love Each Other – Love People’

We believe that this clear shows us how to follow God and live out our faith as individuals and as family.

Love God: We love God because He loved us first. We also recognise that if we don’t love God and have a close relationship with Him, we can’t love anyone else or follow Him.

Love Each Other: John 13:34-35 says that we must love one another so because that is how people will recognise we are disciples (followers) of Jesus. Jesus gives us a family and family loves and supports each other even when we don’t always get on. This is shown in how we pray and look out for each other, worship and learn about God together, and also hang out together.

Love People: We love God, and we love each other, and God’s love is infectious and spreads. Our love spills out from God through us His family to the people we see in our everyday lives. We pray for friends, welcome and invite them to the different things we do, and try to show them through the way we live, God’s unmatchable love.