All Saintly Sunday

All Saintly Sunday is our weekly Bible study for youth. Materials, games ideas and more along with a prerecorded video are posted here on a Friday with the video going live on the Sunday until the Thursday.


Meeting Aim: To see how Paul’s faith enabled him to follow God

Information for parents/youth before the session

What is it?

Before the session each person should google a vehicle image (the more obscure a picture the better) and then enlarge one part of it and print it off. At the game time take turns to show the magnified part of your picture and have everyone guess what it is. 

Bible Study

Along with the questions below the video, you will need this map printed large for you all to work together after the Bible passage has been read.

Creative Time

For creative time you’ll either need A4 paper/card and felt tips or to print the image off below (one each)

The Bible passage today is Acts 27

Questions: Why was it important for everyone to make it to Malta?  Do you think God caused the storm or simply allowed it to happen? How much do they think God ‘controls’ the weather?  Where is God at work in this story?  How would you describe Paul’s attitude?  What difference does Paul’s faith in God make in this life or death situation?